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[Kitchen Dance] that Kyeros bought for me about a week ago. Felt quite inspired to make screenshots tonight so I dragged him along with me. 

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Qhon pt. I —

Never taken screenshots of my EU archer before so here we go~
This is Qhon, a lady castanic with little care for anyone else than herself. She’ll always think of a way to get what she wants. (Why are both my archers selfish people… orz) That said, I’ve also updated a character page with brief bios about some of my characters. It’s still a work in progress though.

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Anonymous: Why not do some MC then?

Eheh, the “missing Shandra Manaya" is perhaps more of a nostalgic type of feeling. I’ve seen the inside of that dungeon too much anyway (our static was an overachieving one during DD weekends)…

Though maybe one day I’ll go again, but by now people probably demand 180+ for it in pug? (*´_ゝ`) (just as they demand 165+ for ToT lol)

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— Snow Promenade —

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Shandra Manaya —

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Welp im sold see you guys in Tera Online

For anyone who may stumble on my blog, this is a rather nice introduction to what has kept me in Tera since NA launch. This, and costumes. Cooosttuummeesssss… /zombie

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Before & After
{1} {2} {3} {4} {5}

Some recent screenshots how they looked before and after editing. Though these are already cropped. Rather heavy editing ‘cause I’m exploring and trying stuff out recently… For better or worse.

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During the levelup-event over on NA I got to recreate my old warrior as Jolt’s new priest. Though he wanted her to have pink hair since he already had too many characters with white hair. Well, I’m just happy I could use her sliders again. q w q ♥

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My job is to protect the weak and defend what is good.
Thanks to Lishi who is the greatest at taking screenshots of my darling lancer. Also one for Kittieology who has the greatest actions ever.
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{ {{ Fly to night, Tonight }} }
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Palette challenge: 14


Palette challenge: 14
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{ {{ Celestia }} }

My boyfriend logged into Tera for the first time in forever. Subsequently he looked at the tradebroker and went on a shoppingspree for his character Jolteon. Said “There, now you have material for screenshots, right?” and then he logged off lol. Thanks~ ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡ Used my last gold on NA to get my zerk the black version as well to match, so will screenshot that and them together soon.

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