Bespectacled in Arborea
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Blade & Soul CN | Guild: Dollars
电信八区 / 黑天照: lv35 Ryouki / M. Lyn
电信八区 / 黑天照: lv?? 强勇美* / F. Gon
电信八区 / 黑天照: lv?? 美丽雪花 **/ Kun
* Qiáng Yǒng Mei | ** Meili Xuehua

Inactive on Tera NA, Mount Tyrannas.
Active on Tera EU, Fraya.

Tera NA  Mount Tyrannas (PvP) | Guild: -

lv60  Einn / M. High Elf / Priest
lv60  Noei / F. Aman / Mystic
lv60  Versace / M. Castanic / Archer
lv60  Mond / Elin / Berzerker
lv58  Lithium / F. Castanic / Slayer
lv46  Valsche / Elin / Warrior
lv38  Zweis / M. Castanic / Sorcerer

Tera EU  Fraya (PvE) | Guild: Cantankerous

lv60  Einn / M. High Elf / Sorcerer
lv60  Versacé / M. Castanic / Slayer
lv56  Roséa / F. Human / Mystic
lv42 Miah / F. Aman / Priest
lv11 Oerthas / M. Human / Berserker
lv11 Miyu / Elin / Lancer
lv11 Rivienne / F. High Elf / Warrior
lv11 Qhon / F. Castanic / Archer

Someone is a little flustered.


Ice marker.}




Light Armor

Thorne presented his constant companion a  dyeable noctenium set, maybe not the most useful leather, but a desperately photogenic one. So…



Whoa, I’m completely blown away by the glows of this set. Unfortunately I’m still missing the tail sash and headgear for the set’s full look. Who says you can’t make a fur coat fit fashionably on a guy?

The devs obviously put in meticulous effort for every weapon and costume in this game. There isn’t a single “ugly” weapon or costume, just one that doesn’t suit your tastes.

The entire piece is designed with the theme of the boss (which I have to farm) in mind.

cishetted said:
Does Tera cost any money? To sign up or get clothes and stuff?

Tera does not cost any money. Signup and download are free and almost everything can be gotten ingame with gold from other players.

The only limitation added to new accounts that didn’t buy the game before it became free to play is that you only have two characters per server and one free bank page per character. Founder- and collectors-accounts have 8 characters per server and 4 bank pages per character. To open up extra slots/bank pages you can use real cash or buy certain items from players with gold. If you want to it’s also possible to find a copy of the game online and buy it to have the extra character slots and bank pages much cheaper than buying them one by one but make sure you get the version you want to play then (Europe=Gameforge OR North America=EnMasse).

Everything including almost any cash shop items (costumes, mounts, weaponskins etc) can be gotten with gold provided you put a bit more time/effort into playing. Endgame gear, upgrading gear etc does not need any cash and I know plenty who never spent a dime on the game.

There’s an optional monthly extra subscription for some daily reputation/exp boosts, a special monthly mount, a 30-day teleport-atlas, double dailies available and double entries/halved cooldown for dungeons/raids. It’s just an extra thing for the ones that have the time for doing double the stuff. The atlas is really useful though.

Hope this helped!

Anonymous said:
Excuse me, do you mind sharing the pic of your icon ?

Hi Anon,

Sure. Since I forgot to see which inbox this arrived to I’ll just answer about both blogs.

On einnn it’s a screenshot of my Blade and Soul character.
On personal it’s official Dorohedoro artwork.


Look what Miah found~

Nas vs. Rasea

Decided to do a photo set featuring my two male Lyns. I'm quite pleased on how this turned out. Even though it took me almost forever to get the pictures for this since BnS kept wanting to glitch on me.

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